Dolmetscherin, Dolmetscher

Übersetzungen, Übersetzer

Sarah-Désirée Tiemann, Sarah Tiemann, Tiemann

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englisch, english

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Dolmetscherin, Dolmetscher, Übersetzungen, Übersetzer
Dolmetscherin, Dolmetscher, Übersetzungen, Übersetzer, deutsch, german Dolmetscherin, Dolmetscher, Übersetzungen, Übersetzer, englisch, english  
Dolmetscherin Sarah Tiemann, Lippstadt, NRW
Dolmetscherin, Übersetzerin, Sarah Tiemann, Dolmetscher, Übersetzer

I'm responsible for your peace-of-mind

Connecting people who could otherwise not understand each other. There is no simpler or more beautiful way to describe the work of an interpreter.

A German native speaker, I offer interpreting services in English and German for conferences, market research interviews, meetings, negotiations and all auxiliary events where there are language barriers to be overcome. I am happy to accompany delegations and exchange programs, acting as an intercultural mediator.

Each type of event follows its own rules and conventions – and has its own corresponding method of interpreting. This will depend on the number of participants, represented languages, the location/ environment and available technology. According to these factors one of the following interpreting methods will be used:

  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Whispered interpreting (chuchotage)

Conferences require simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter sits in a booth listening to what is being said via headphones and rendering this immediately into the other language via a microphone. Typically, two interpreters share a cabin and take turns interpreting.

A branch of the simultaneous method is whispered interpreting, also known as chuchotage. The interpreter sits closely behind or next to one or two individuals, interpreting what is being said quietly into their ears. This method, among others, is suitable for guided tours or smaller events.

When it comes to negotiations, consecutive interpreting is usually the most appropriate method. The interpreter renders a speech after it has been said. Interpreters will carry a pen and notepad which they use as a memory aid. This method allows interpreters to render passages of up to 15 minutes.

I’ll take care of a smooth and discreet multilingual communication during your event!

Ich bin Profi für Simultandolmetschen, Flüsterdolmetschen und Konsekutivdolmetschen





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