Dolmetscherin, Dolmetscher

Übersetzungen, Übersetzer

Sarah-Désirée Tiemann, Sarah Tiemann, Tiemann

deutsch, german

englisch, english

franzoesisch, francais

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Dolmetscherin, Dolmetscher, Übersetzungen, Übersetzer
Dolmetscherin, Dolmetscher, Übersetzungen, Übersetzer, deutsch, german Dolmetscherin, Dolmetscher, Übersetzungen, Übersetzer, englisch, english  
Dolmetscherin Sarah Tiemann, Lippstadt, NRW
Dolmetscherin, Übersetzerin, Sarah Tiemann, Dolmetscher, Übersetzer

Your peace-of-mind interpreter

“I can understand German as well as the maniac that invented it,
but I talk it best through an interpreter.”
(Mark Twain)

Do you want to feel worry-free the evening before your event?

Do you want your message to come across the way it’s intended?

Do you want a calm mind to allow you to focus on other tasks?

Look no further, I’m happy to support you!

Interpreters build bridges between people with different languages and from different cultures. Successful communication is the key to good relationships – trust and competence are essential for this.

Have a look around my website and get a sense of my personality. I look forward to working with you!

Best regards,
Mit den besten Wünschen,

Sarah-Désirée Tiemann (DPSI)

Member of the German professional body for conference interpreters
Mentor in the young professionals programme in the VKD

Ich bin Profi für Simultandolmetschen, Flüsterdolmetschen und Konsekutivdolmetschen





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